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Tata Mumbai Marathon

Fundraiser for cancer patients at Tata Memorial Hospital

No child with cancer should “die in the dawn of life” for want of funds.

I can run. I can pray. I can spread the word. But the love and generosity that YOU give will save a life. Please do contribute! We can’t fight their battles, but we can make it a little easier. Help us help them. Thank you.

How can you contribute

Step 1 Pledge the amount (your name and /or donation amt will not be disclosed if you don't wish to)

Step 2 Pay online by clicking on the link which will take you to the Tata Hospital page OR Write out a cheque favoring 'Tata Memorial Hospital' with a small note giving your PAN number / address / phone number. We can arrange to get the cheque picked up from you.

Pledge with us for donation

Please open your hearts to this cause and also help us spread the word.

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Siya Aggarwal's Drive for Cancer Charity

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Our Story

Children look at the world with fresh, untarnished eyes. The courage they carry with them is inspirational. When my mother was diagnosed with Cancer, she too revealed tremendous bravery. However, the journey wasn't without its fair share of hurdles. I have vivid memories of my mother’s struggle with cancer. We were fortunate to have the financial ability to provide her the necessary care. When I watched my mom battle the vicious disease, I couldn't fathom the distress and anguish faced by the less fortunate, who go through similar pain and suffering. Some of them are just little children. These are kids and their families from smaller towns and villages, most end up living on pavements near the Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital.

Why are these children inspirational you may wonder? They knew not their fate nor did they have the means to fight. Despite this, these kids don't let cancer wipe out their beaming smiles nor diminish their spirit. My mind often pondered about these same kids. As a result, I set my sights on ensuring they keep the hope twinkling in their eyes and their infectious laughs radiating. I resolved to do something that could make getting through this disease a tad bit easier on them. Yes, Prayers, Hope, and Empathy are comforting, but Cancer demands medical care, which requires money.

Hi, My name is Siya Aggarwal. I am 17 years old, studying in 11th grade at Ascend International School. I have been running the Mumbai Marathon for the last 5 years in support of cancer patients at Tata Memorial Hospital. I will be running at the Tata Mumbai Marathon for the sixth time with my father Girish, my mother Priti, my Aunt Jigi, my little brother Vir to raise funds. We run a combined total of over 65 kilometers annually, ever since 2016, when we raised around INR 8 lakhs in support of these kids. Last year, we were able to raise more than INR 10 lakhs.

All funds raised through this campaign go directly to the Tata Memorial Hospital to finance treatments for underprivileged children fighting cancer. Every penny is valuable and makes a difference. This year I hope to raise more than INR 10 lakhs.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon

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The Tata Mumbai Marathon


Some Kind Words from our Friends and Supporters in this Noble Cause

Contributed By :
Kajal & Vijay Jain
Rajesh Singhi
layla mcdaniel
Sushil Kumar
Manish Dave
Rakesh sharma
Mahesh Nandurkar
Bhowmik Sanghvi
Nalin Luis Moniz
Nishit Pande
Waheed mansuri
Meera Razdan
Rajagopal Anapuzha
Amit Tanna
Ajay Srinivasan and Mohyna Srinivasan
Apul Nayyar
Gautam Narayan
Ushma Sule
Sharda Agarwal
APC Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
Veena Sethi
Amit Goela
Farrokh Tarapore
Vinita Baliga
nayantara adhikari
Aditya Goenka
Sucharu Khanna
G Gaind lamba
Nazara Technologies Limited
Garishma Daga
Vijay ji Tongya
Niyati Naik
Ravindranath Thota
Sameer Goel
Vani Sibal Sarker
Monica Asrani
Rujuta Gandhi
Krishna Ramanathan
Viswamitra Hariharan
Atul Singh
Suruchi Nanda
Koel Ghosh
Vineet Nanda
Manish Aggarwal
Rachna sharma
Smita Shah
Shalini Rattan
Vinita Kokate
Gaurav Ahuja
Shalabh Mittal
Mehek chawla
Anuja Verma Mehta
Amol Shiveshwarkar
Venkatesh Investment And Trdg Pvt LTD
Avan cooper
Moushomi Mukherjee
Padmini S. Desai
Sandeep Tambe
Anisha Baveja
Ram Cobain
anoop menon
Mukarram Faizullabhoy
Zahra Faizullabhoy
Manuj Mahajan
Nirav Dalal
Gulmohur Tarapore
Mahesh Nandurkar
Aadit Nagaonkar
Gita Sakhuja
Magdolina Gomes
Divya R Sheth
Neelam mehta
Heather Kaikini
Nandini Chopra
Aparna Piramal Raje
Paras Nayyar
Karan Bhawnani
Tarini Vaidya
Kavita Bhupathi Chadda
Rekha Koita
Kurush Irani
Jamshed Jeejeebhoy
Riti Hamlai
Mayur Varma
Nehal Tanna
Vibha Mantri
Marina Khan
Anju Bhatia
Manije Kelkar
Saunak Basu
Nysha Seksaria
Piyush Goyal
Jigna Cholera
Bharat Jaisinghani
Sanjeev Advani
Shahrukh Irani
Varun Arora
Pritha majumdar
Sumant Jeswani
Samantha Lazaro
jigi dalal
Prachi Dave
Rizwan Koita
Manavi baveja
Priti Aggarwal
naureen mustafa
Girish Aggarwal
Sunil Lulla

Last Year's Contributions

A big Thank You for the overwhelming response last year. We exceeded the target, all because of your generous contributions.

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